11594537515 c67c98e63c Laughlin Nv Entertainment Vodafone 3G customers can now watch a live TV broadcast newsletter in your mobile 3G as one that would be in the box at home.In a New Zealand first announced today, Vodafone, in collaboration with customers Prhyme 3G News delivered "Prhyme News: First at 5 30". Daily as part of the Sky News channel streaming. Prhyme is owned by Sky in New Zealand. Tim Nichols, head of Vodafone live. Says this is an important milestone for Vodafone live. Mobile TV and marks the first evolution of the service since its launch eight months ago. "For the first time we can now offer a spectacle to watch on your mobile while the screens of television. The fact that this is a news program is especially relevant in the fast paced world today as many of us have to keep up, but do not usually get home to the news, "says Tim. Vodafone has been closely monitoring trends vision since the launch of 3G to provide a service tailored to the habits of customers. Since its launch, the figures show the Sky News channel made for mobile devices is the most popular with customers, with viewing times nailing lunchtime, afternoon and evening. "As a result of these trends Vodafone has partnered with Prhyme to offer customers a streaming service ad at a time when the demand for more news – in the evening," says Tim. "Vodafone live. 3G mobile TV means you can access news in a way that suits your lifestyle. Whether you're waiting on the bus in traffic or working late, the news is at your fingertips." Mad4mobilephones. Com has revised the service is excellent from the point of view of the user. Vodafone Live continues to provide innovative 3G services.

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