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So in 3 weeks time me and any of my college friends are going to china. Its an 19 hour plane fight and then travel to and from airports so its a total travel time of 25 hours (ish) all of my friends can sleep on planes and in cars/busses when I can not. So this means I need entertament for this time I have a full 3GB mp3 player and 2 book which I will get though can any one please make sugestions of what I can take with me or do p. S. No electronics please. Well, I have your answer. Some sleeping tablets and a few red wines helps. Hopefully they will have a decent entertainment system on the plane (with movies, games, TV shows etc) and any good magazines. Take an aspirin or two to lower you risk of DVT on such long flights. It helps if you a sitting beside a couple of interesting conversationalists. I’ve lost count of the number of 24 hour flights I’ve done – it’s the bad bit about travelling. Have fun in China (hope the pollution is not too bad where you are going).

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  • I suffer from the same thing. My last flight of 22 hrs, went out night before, had 2 hours sleep, packed night before and I managed at lest 8 hrs sleep on the plane, which is better than none. Although hangovers is something I don’t suffer from!

  • Well, I’ve run out of ideas after you said NO electronics. Theres not much else you could do after a book and music. Unless you wanna pace up and down from one end of the plane to the other. LOL.

    Hope you have a good flight, you could talk to other people who aren’t asleep. Have an on flight one night stand, err. . . do any stretches, or takes any pills with you to knock you out.

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